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CRAZYTOWN video clip - more from Jan 15, 2011 show at Crowne Theater NYC

CRAZYTOWN video clip January 15, 2011 The Crowne Theater, NYC

Take Your Partner For A Ride: On Love, Relationships and Bicycles

by Jude Treder-Wolff, LCSW, RMT, CGP      A bike and its rider are a dynamic pair. A bicycle needs a rider if it has any hope of fulfilling its purpose, and a person with someplace to go or the need for speed and a face full of fresh air needs a bicycle. The bike’s moveable parts, when combined with a human being’s mental focus and physical balance, can propel both for quite a powerful - and often scenic - distance. Partnerships – especially between people making a life together in which every important choice one person makes has an effect on the others’ well-being – are a bit like bike and rider. Balance is key, focus required, shifting gears when necessary definitely recommended.      May is National Bicycle Month - a perfect kick-off for the summer fun in the sun – an ideal time to reflect on the relationship-building character of a form of exercise that counts Albert Einstein – who said that he “came up with the idea” of the theory of relativity while riding his bike – Mark Tw