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Afterglow: “Light or radiance remaining after a light source has disappeared.”

“A pleasant effect or feeling that lingers after something is done, experienced or achieved.”

     When I heard that Clarence Jones - a psychologist, activist and respected colleague who for several years co-facilitated workshops with my husband that created a creative, safe space for people to think and talk about issues of race – had died, I knew one thing: that his funeral would feature great stories about a great true storyteller. His son Clancy - about whom his father beamed with pride when he made it to the NFL and played with the New Orleans Saints -  started his eulogy with some anecdotes about many pre-game consults with his father - a skilled strategist and athlete himself – and then dug into the brutal force of racism that shaped Clarence's early life.
     These stories, told in the context of events in our social history, were Clarence’s teaching tools in the racism workshops. He changed pe…

STAND-UP FOR COMEDY: Best Date Night Ever

by Jude Treder-Wolff, LCSW, RMT, CGP
     Romance and dating have been transformed by our brave, new technology-rich world, the wonders of which make it possible to meet, get to know, fall in love, shop for a ring and get some counseling without ever meeting in person. Lonely after a break-up? There is now help available 24/7, something unprecedented in human history. And until the credit cards are maxed out it feels like those people at Home Shopping really care about our problems. But love for actual, irreplaceable, humans will forever fill our hearts and empty our bank accounts. Care and feeding of relationships remains an important priority and this requires more face time and less facebook. We seek the bonding experience but in the Iphone Age we need it quickly. As it turns out, one of the most immediate and irresistible bonding experiences we can share is laughter, what comic and classical pianist Victor Borge called “the shortest distance between two people.”

     Comic Paul Anth…