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The Way Of The Super-Hero

by Nicholas Wolff, LCSW, BCD, TEP

A man needs a dream, and in my view aspiring to be a super-hero makes me a better person, husband, friend and therapist. Not that I imagine I am a super-hero, just what I would love about being one. To start, there's the equipment. Take Batman: the car, the cave, the tools for urban combat. And the powers. I have a rather loose filing system for records and documents, and Superman's speed and strength would help out when I cannot locate something I need.
Some thoughts about the way of the super-hero for ordinary suburban men, like myself, who share my quest:
Maintaining The Fleet. Like Batman, I’m a guy who places a high value on readiness for any emergency. And I feel like Batman, those rare times my wife is stuck with a dead car on the expressway in driving rain and I know the vehicle is stocked with: cell phone charger, flashlight, extra batteries for the flashlight, battery charger, maps, Windex (with toweling) blankets, a flare and a shovel…

Creating a Bigger Life: Four Leaps

by Jude Treder-Wolff, LCSW,RMT,CGP

Leap 1. Get Discontented
             or The Disorienting Event

     Suppose you returned to work after a vacation and found that the project to which you had been assigned for over a year no longer existed. Nor did your team. And on the table where, just weeks before, there were project files there were now severance packages. This happened to Brian B., Phd, a physicist for 25 years at an international tech firm that downsized dramatically in 2009. In the questionnaire participants completed as part of an Improv Yourself: Navigating Transitions seminar at Lifestage, he described the disorientation and anxiety of having to re-invent himself at this point in his life. “At 57 years old and with 2 kids in college, I am now a free-lancer,” he said, “and not by choice.”
Marion Rich – Executive Search consultant, improviser, actress and trainer – allowed her discontent to take her down some untried paths.“Its so easy to stay in a job that you know, even if yo…