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The Way Of The Super-Hero

by Nicholas Wolff, LCSW, BCD, TEP      A man needs a dream, and in my view aspiring to be a super-hero makes me a better person, husband, friend and therapist. Not that I imagine I am a super-hero, just what I would love about being one. To start, there's the equipment. Take Batman: the car, the cave, the tools for urban combat. And the powers. I have a rather loose filing system for records and documents, and Superman's speed and strength would help out when I cannot locate something I need. Some thoughts about the way of the super-hero for ordinary suburban men, like myself, who share my quest: Maintaining The Fleet . Like Batman, I’m a guy who places a high value on readiness for any emergency. And I feel like Batman, those rare times my wife is stuck with a dead car on the expressway in driving rain and I know the vehicle is stocked with: cell phone charger, flashlight, extra batteries for the flashlight, battery charger, maps, Windex (with toweling) blankets, a flare