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The Power of Story: How Independent Filmmaker A.D. Pearson Stays In The Game

Documentary Filmmaker A.D. Pearson by Jude Treder-Wolff, LCSW, RMT, CGP            "Great stories happen," according to This American Life's Ira Glass, "to those who can tell them," which seems especially true in the storytelling form of documentary film. To record real-life events in real time, and neither predict nor control the end game requires a unique combination of vision and willingness to risk. Independent filmmaker A.D. Pearson, whose documentary Running Through: The Jordan Culbreath Story will be shown as part of the VisionFest film festival at the Tribeca Cinemas on Thursday June 21, views the documentary form as a kind of offering to the subject, an opportunity to "frame someone's story. You owe it to them to tell their story the right way. I like that challenge, to surprise them by showing how they might be seen through outside eyes." Despite the various and often unpredictable problems that arise, he loves the person