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Steve Jobs In The Consulting Room: Disrupt Yourself

The solution to the innovator’s dilemma is "d iscovery-driven planning : learn by doing and make real-time adjustments in strategy and planning." Put another way: use the principles of improvisation – and the philosophy of Steve Jobs - to design one’s life: focus more on creating and contributing than on self-interest,          and the personal gains will follow.                            by Jude Treder-Wolff, LCSW, RMT, CGP           One of Steve Jobs’ favorite books was Clay Christiansen’s The Innovators’ Dilemma , about the problems faced by successful companies whose products play an important and established role in the market – and therefore in society. Stick with what Christiansen calls “sustaining technologies” - the established, familiar, and proven - and risk being rendered obsolete when a “disruptive technology” – game-changing, transformative, revolutionizing – comes along. Steve Jobs took the disruptive road one further than anyone else. He disr