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Steve Jobs In The Consulting Room: Disrupt Yourself

The solution to the innovator’s dilemma is "discovery-driven planning: learn by doing and make real-time adjustments in strategy and planning." Put another way: use the principles of improvisation – and the philosophy of Steve Jobs - to design one’s life: focus more on creating and contributing than on self-interest,          and the personal gains will follow.
  by Jude Treder-Wolff, LCSW, RMT, CGP
One of Steve Jobs’ favorite books was Clay Christiansen’s The Innovators’ Dilemma, about the problems faced by successful companies whose products play an important and established role in the market – and therefore in society. Stick with what Christiansen calls “sustaining technologies” - the established, familiar, and proven - and risk being rendered obsolete when a “disruptive technology” – game-changing, transformative, revolutionizing – comes along. Steve Jobs took the disruptive road one further than anyone else. He disrupted his own company, his own inventions. If an innovatio…