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Ten Creative Steps To Less Stress

Creative thinking is a skill we can learn and practice in the course of daily life and here is the best reason to try: simply "changing set" or shifting attention can mitigate stress. Taking every opportunity to experiment with a new approach or attitude in familiar, predictable or routine situations trains the brain and mind to be more creative and adaptive in the face of sudden change or the high-stress curves life can throw in our path. Because there is so much about life that we cannot control, developing the skills and mind set that garners energy when we need it most makes sense. Here are some tips for tapping that internal resource:

1. Improv-It: Improvisation is the art of making things up on the spot, but making them up within the form of a game or specific instruction, such as “tell us about your day as if you are the world’s most depressing newscaster.” Improv games stimulate creative energy by engaging the right-brain’s orientation to novelty within a set of rul…

Science, Story & Psychotherapy

At last week's World Science Festival in New York, some of the most powerful scientific minds of our time discussed some of the Big Questions being answered by scientific advances. What is consciousness? Where is the "self?" How much of our personality is determined by genetics? What was Einstein referring to when he spoke about "spooky action at a distance?" As mind-blowing and exhilarating as it was to listen and learn about the astonishing knowledge available and its rich applications in our daily lives, something theoretical physicist and writer Brian Greene said really got our neurons firing. In a workshop titled "Science and Story: Cutting Edge Discovery For a Literary Public" Greene said that after doing years of research into string theory - which speaks to the possibility of other universes - he would be very excited if string theory was proven wrong! If there are multiple universes, as string theory suggests, what a remarkable development, …