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Why Storytelling Matters Now More Than Ever - and a new class designed for finding your voice

     The attraction of true storytelling – as evidenced by the rise in popularity of storytelling-themed podcasts and radio shows, such as The Moth , RISK !, NPR’s This American Life, Radio Lab, among others - seems to be rising along with the speed of life in our 24/7, social-media driven, high-tech times. Audiences stand in line for hours to getinto live performances of true stories, told as often by non-actors as by professional storytellers or performers, possibly in response to what may be a heightened psychological need for this unique combination of communication, creativity and candidness. Think about it. For the first time in human history – thanks to an explosion of technology that sweeps us up in waves of change at an ever-accelerating pace - we can meet, fall in love, have sex, shop for a ring and break up with someone we never actually meet in person. Still, at the core of all our high-tech activity with its constant, streaming demands lies someth

Connecting The Creative and the Clinical Through Medical Improv

Beth Boynton, RM, MS                                                 by Jude Treder-Wolff, LCSW, RMT, CGP                                                                              Lifestage, Inc It’s an ordinary day on the dementia unit of a health care facility and one of the residents – we’ll call her Sarah – is trying to leave. The unit is secure and residents wear alarm-triggering ankle bracelets that alert staff if they pass through the door. Matilda, a nurse assistant, reaches out to Sarah, validates and engages her in an attempt to gently dissuade her desire to make that exit. But empathy and redirecting are just not working. Sarah wants out! Beth Boynton, RN, MS, and Medical Improv expert, observes the situation, makes a rapid calculation, then goes to the entryway, hands on her hips, and musters up a stern scowl. “Matilda and Sarah, this room is closed and you are not allow to enter,” she says sternly, like a military guard on patrol. The nurse assista