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Five Essential Thinking/Feeling Skills We Can Learn Through Improvisation

The ever-changing dynamics of the networked world can be viewed as a creative challenge or a series of demanding threats, depending on our point of view. There are thinking and relationship skills that enhance our capacity to make the most of the opportunities that lie within the tensions of change and deal effectively with the pace. Improvisation is an experiential method for tapping into our own creative energy while learning new material and connecting with other people. Here are 5 thinking/emotional skills fostered by experiences with improvisation: Think relationally . Conventional education prepares us to fit into the fairly rigid structures that used to mirror the world of work, with lines of authority clearly defined along what we thought of as the ladder of success. With all the emphasis on right answers and learning the right way to do a thing, our intuitive capacity to recognize subtle connections between existing things or ideas and tolerate the tension of seeing th