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Q & A With Storyteller, Poet, Author, Counselor and Viet Nam Combat Veteran Lawrence Winters about his new novel Brotherkeeper

Interview by Jude Treder-Wolff,LCSW, RMT, CGP @JuTrWolff I met Lawrence Winters - counselor, storyteller, poet, author and Viet Nam combat veteran - at one of the annual conferences of the American Society of Group Psychotherapy and Psychodrama, and have long-admired his dedication to veterans' needs and to raising consciousness about the effects of war on all of society. I have attended his training workshops - including a Veteran-Civilian Dialogue at Intersections International - and read his work, all of it enlightening and important, which is why I am happy to share this Q and A about his creative work and mission Click here to read about his personal background.   Do you use storytelling, writing or similar forms of creative expression in your work with veteran s? LW: I n the work that I have done with vets I have used music, music writing, role play, poetry, drama, video, and of course sociodrama. What I believe is that metaphor is a more affective and less