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Applied Improvisation For Emotional Intelligence & Stress-Resilience - Sept. 13, 2014 workshop handout

    "Man is most nearly himself when he achieves the seriousness of a child at play."                  Heraclitus, Greek Philosopher GAMES, EXERCISES AND SCENE WORK  Color/Advance : Objectives: Social-emotional engagement between trainer/teacher and group; Overcoming communication barriers; Experience a dynamic interplay between trainer/teacher and group; This version of “color-advance” is appropriate for a teacher or trainer to use in the context of explaining some new material or information than for participants with one another, although a variation of it is used with participants – including kids or teens – which is described below. Using “color-advance” a storyteller or speaker can interact with a group while delivering the material in a way that empowers the group to ask for clarification or move ahead to the next point. The speaker begins, and group members can say only one of two directions: "Advance" which means move to the next p