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(mostly) TRUE THINGS: Stories. Laughs. Feels. (Un)believably fun.

(mostly) TRUE THINGS is Long Island's first local Moth-style storytelling event and has a unique twist:  Four storytellers and only one of them is telling the unvarnished truth. By the end of the evening, the whole truth comes out, with the help of the audience. Prizes are involved. Its a great evening and so freaking cheap!   SATURDAY March 21, 2015  7 PM     BUY TICKETS AT EVENTBRITE  SUNDAY APRIL 26, 2015   4 PM  SATURDAY MAY 16, 2015  7 PM                           AT:  Performing Arts Studio of New York   224 E. Main St,  Port Jefferson, NY 11777 Tickets are $10, available at the door or Reservations are recommended. Call 631-366-4265 to reserve seats and pay at the door. complete information available at Photos of storytellers from the February 28, 2015 show Toni Munna "Roadside Angels" John Martin "Taunting An Elected Official" Stevie GB "Drug Story" Rosemary Flanagan "

Improvisation & Cognitive Flexibility: Changing The Way We Think Changes Everything

    USA Today  featured a lovely piece titled "The Health Benefits of Practicing Improv" in by Jude Treder-Wolff, LCSW, RMT, CGP November, which quoted people who attributed the following to participation in improv classes: Reduction in social anxiety; Reduction in anxiety in general; Addition of some new friends and social contacts; Greater degree of mindfulness and awareness of the present moment; Improved ability to let go of the need to control external events; Having a clear path to working through perfectionism and the fear of making mistakes; Greater confidence at work Improved ability to think creatively about problems;    Its a great article that speaks to the immediate gains many people experience through the experience of improvisation, but anecdotes such as these do not a research finding make. There is, however real science that links the benefits of improvisation and similar - similar meaning fun, engaging and creative - experiences to seri