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Its Okay To Geek Out About Pi Day - also Einstein's birthday - and why this one is so special

Albert Einstein's birthday is 3/14, also the first 3 digits of the mathematical constant pi: 3.14. I will leave it to the math geniuses of the world - of which I am most definitely not - to explain the importance of pi. But the magical synchronicity that the greatest scientific mind of the century was born with those co-ordinates is something I feel qualified to at least write, wonder and geek out about. Math is at the heart of all the amazing technology we use to connect and also beat each other up, to extend our lives through modern medicine and also to blow each other up through modern weaponry. I say lets invest a little hope in humanity by celebrating the mysteries math reveals and the problems it solves. Also there are desserts involved.

This Pi day is truly special: 3-14-15, a once-in-a-lifetime match-up to the 3.141592653 pi. So here are some ways to celebrate:

1. Make a pi pie, like the one in the picture. 

2. Eat 3 1/4 pieces of the pi pie.

3. Eat the pi pie with 3 friends …

Stories Connect Us To A Narrative Larger Than Self: What Author Shoshana Rubin Discovers Through Co-Writing A Book With Her Late Grandfather

"Began making my self-portrait but I wasn't very much satisfied with the proportions," was the diary entry. Its one of those personal, private thoughts we never imagine anyone will see or know, a frank and honest self-assessment. Something most of us who journal and are willing to see the truth about ourselves come to at some point: that we are not much satisfied with the proportions. Also that there are powers shaping our emotions and our choices that must be recognized and reckoned with.
 "12 days more remain," the diarist writes about his upcoming induction into World War II. "What a difference four years wrought. I can hardly recognize the world. Already my future has begun to shape for me. What will the next four years bring? I have everything to live for - a beautifully appreciate mate, a wonderful career either as a teacher or commercial artist or both. What more can a man ask for? But have I the right to ask? There are powers mightier than I at work…