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The Improviser's Mind Set Workshop Hand-Out: Games, Exercises and Resources

         The improviser's mind set is characterized by readiness, openness, and awareness - the heightened,  focused attention of a player fully engaged in a game. In fact, games are the structure of many improvisation warm-up exercises because the rules, framework, mutual agreements and creative tension are the conditions that sharpen perception and the capacity to push beyond conventional boundaries. " Games create a safe crisis and thrust you into the intuitive,"  writes Rob Adler in The #1 Exercise You Need To Create Spontaneity on " That crisis moment is a very creative time. We open up, new choices are available to us, and we do things that were impossible only a moment before. When faced with a crisis, the mind doesn’t have time to think through the problem. It just clings to the most present thought and intuition is released to solve the problem. Intuition comes in the  now ."    So, how do we find a growth-producing crisis without cau