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Possible Futures: The Emotional Impact Of Stories To Promote Positive Change

Change is like rain. We need it so things can grow. Too much at once will drown us, not enough a life-threatening drought. It is messy, uncomfortable, and inconvenient but necessary. For anything new to happen we have to build on an existing story that features a character we do not yet know: our "self" in the future. We will cling to the present version of "self" even when we have the information showing that the future will not be good if we stay on the same path.  Most of us have only to think about giving up a favorite food, moving on from an unsatisfying but stable career, or starting a project we have put off for too long to recognize some of the reasons for this, which also happen to be backed by boatloads of research into the topic. These studies can, if nothing else, make us feel a little less crummy about change we might know is important but are still putting off. 
Because change is about more than just the will and the skill, it is really about the story…