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Creative Exercises For Developing Emotional Agility

Its 9 am. A group of staff therapists gather in the nicely-appointed conference room at the central office of this large not-for-profit organization for a special training session. The clinical director arranged this following a traumatic incident at one of the satellite locations, in which a new client was ambushed and assaulted as she walked through the dark parking lot to the office. The perpetrator disappeared into the woods alongside the largely-abandoned strip mall where the office was located and where staff had never felt safe in the first place. The young woman had broken away and screamed "call 911" as she ran through the door, triggering a legitimate panic in everybody there. Both therapists and clients working in quiet rooms were jolted into full-blown fight-or-flight mode. Reports of the incident had a ripple effect throughout the organization, since many of the satellite offices were in similar spaces where staff felt like sitting ducks having to stay open unti…

Narrative Methods In Clinical Practice: The Use Of Storytelling For Sustainable Change week-end workshop intensives

This course is offered by Lifestage, Inc, an approved provider of Continuing Education for social workers by the New York State Education Department's Board for Social Work.   8 Contact hours

This training will explore the power of story from the standpoint of listener and storyteller, the impact of social and cultural narratives on a person's inner life and provide tools for crafting stories that have maximum impact on the listener.

Narratives about one's abilities, strengths, potential and place in the world are woven into an implicit sense of self that is a powerful driver of perceptions and choices. Whether these narratives are positive or negative, they become self-reinforcing. But studies show that they can be changed and that changing them can redirect the course of a person's life. 

Storytelling skills have been shown to fine tune listening, and strengthen the capacity to  rewrite personal narratives. Participants will craft a story drawn from their own professio…