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In The New Year, Tell A New Story - Applied Improvisation Will Give You The Tools

Telling a new story about ourselves, according to research published in the journalClinical
Psychological Science has powerful impact on health, well-being and the ability to put in the effort to make a dream become reality. This study showed a significant physical and psychological shift in adolescents after a single well-desiged experience demonstrating the concept that people can change. Read more about this in"The Mindset All Successful People Have In Common" on

The "growth mindset" is about a combination of skills and concepts that increases the capacity to learn and change, and evidence shows that it can cultivated through creative experiences. Researcher Carol Dweck, Phd, author of Mindset: The New Psychology of Successreviews the best and worst outcomes of the implementation of programs based on her work in this commentary written for Education Week magazineShe examines important points and pitfalls of putting this research into action in the …