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Improvisation Training Makes The Science Of Human Connection So. Much. Fun.

    There is an improv warm-up game called "Mind Meld" in which people pair up, are given a suggestion, count to three out loud and then say the first word, at the same time, that Credit: Image : Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self-Organization comes to mind. After a beat, they do it again: "One. Two. Three. Word." After another beat, they do this again. It usually takes only a few beats for both players to say the same word at the same time.  Some people find this a remarkably easy and intuitive thing to do. Others find it weird and struggle to stay with it long enough to get results. Some   find themselves doing a rapid assessment of their partner's face and predicting what he/she might say.  When I use this exercise in training workshops with therapists and educators, there is often a great need to know " how to get to the mind meld moment" and reflexive self-criticism about having "done it wrong." T he exercise can raise anx