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Developing Resilience Through Improvisation Workshop Handout

Workshop designed and facilitated by Jude Treder-Wolff LCSW, CGP, MT   “Creativity is the ultimate integration tool. And the best part is that it’s built in.” In other words, we  all  have the power to create. And it’s in the act of doing and making a thing that you go from knowing a thing to living it." Brene Brown,  How Creativity Can Make You More Resilien t Resilient people share 3 common traits, according to research discussed in  Harvard Business Review: acceptance of reality; deep belief that life is meaningful; an uncanny ability to improvise; HOW IMPROVISATION DEVELOPS RESILIENCE :  The psychological "muscle" developed through improvisation strengthens our ability to adapt to shifting circumstances and to find what is useful in any situation.  Knowing that we can adapt  removes a layer of anxiety about what might happen next - in life and in improv - and redirects it toward a greater confidence that we can use the tensions of uncertainty to tap in