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Breaking Through Barriers To Change Through Applied Improvisation

Change - happens through a combination of will and skill. When the conditions are right and the timing is right the process of change cannot be stopped. But if the conditions and the timing are not right, the change process cannot be forced. The therapeutic process is, ideally, about making change that will improve a person's life or coming to terms with a change that has occurred. In many ways, growth and change can be viewed as a creative process. 
The barriers to change are sometimes conscious but often are not, and can be linked to the unknowable impact that one change can have. We can be ready for one kind of change only to discover there is a ripple effect to other areas of life for which we are not fully prepared. 

Researchers James Prochaska, John Norcross, and Carlo DiClemente — developers of the ground-breaking Transtheoretical Model of behavior change — share an astounding insight into a core dilemma in the fields of counseling and psychotherapy. Their studies found that …