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Good Games Are Great For Growth: Why Improv Is Therapeutic

by Jude  Treder-Wolff, LCSW, CGP, MT In his article  "The Tao Of Improv"  psychotherapist Robert Taibbi describes his introduction to improvisation at a particularly challenging period in his life.   " I had just finished emotionally marching through a some significant losses – the death of my father, then my first wife – the hospitalization of my daughter," he writes. "I was also bored with my job – lots of long-winded, stagnant community meetings, worries about the morale among my 40+ staff, sweating the quarterly budget review, and having little time for clinical work. I felt dazed, dull. Then one day I stumbled on a sign posted in a store window. A woman was offering improv classes, and to my own surprise, I called, and then actually showed up. The class was a good mix of men, women and backgrounds – a computer guy, an aikido instructor, a research biologist, a salesman, a musician, a poli-sci student – folks very different from my usual world."