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Cultivate Creative Thinking Skills Through Applied Improvisation

Lifestage was proud to host Guy Nelson , author of Creative Thinking, Creative Play: Using Improvisational Games To Transform People, Classrooms and Organizations , an improviser with Guy Nelson Unexpected Productions , musician and trainer as well as  NPR journalist with WUOW in Seattle ,   as a guest facilitator on Friday May 11.   He described improvisation as a "universal lubricant" applicable to every area of learning and growth. In this gathering of mental health and education professionals. the discussion focused on how the thinking skills learned through improvisation apply to the therapeutic and learning process. Here is a breakdown of the games and exercises Guy taught in this workshop.  DANCE CAPTAIN WARM-UP      An accomplished musician, Guy demonstrated the improvisation principle of "yes...and" and warmed up the group with a nonverbal dance exercise. Playing the guitar and singing an improvised piece, he provided the music for the exercise. Gro