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Mental Health Benefits of Improvisation Training: Games and Exercises

The games and exercises in the workshop Mental Health Benefits Of Improvisation Training  are designed in the same way that improvisation warm-ups work for performers. They gradually enhance the sense of psychological safety in the group so that an unplanned, unpredictable social-emotional experience can be created in real time. By learning the skills improvisers use to tell stories together without a script, anyone can learn to be more adaptable, agile, creative and spontaneous on the stage of life.  The games and exercises used in improvisation training are subtle and deceptively sophisticated ways to hijack the naturally-occurring “stranger danger” anxiety we feel in the face of the unfamiliar and lay down new pathways paved with distinct social-emotional memories, making them more available in real life stressful situations. Learning to do this kind of thinking and behaving with other people in a controlled, supportive environment trains the brain to manage anxiety, uncer